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Continuing the Legacy Established in 1893™



    KORMACHINE is part of a Texas legacy dating back over one hundred years. Native Texan August Kaspar traveled to South Texas in 1890 where he found employment as a ranch hand on the Kokernot Ranch located in Gonzales County. As time permitted he began making wire horse and mule muzzles with nothing more than his hands and a pair of pliers. By 1904, August had become so successful selling his hand made products that he quit farming and began his business venture full time. The first labor saving machine August acquired was a hand cranked wire straightening and cutting machine.


    One hundred years later, since launching KORMACHINE, fifth generation manufacturer Colter Kaspar has the most innovative and modern equipment on the market today. With the AS9100 certification, KORMACHINE machines products for the aerospace & aircraft, railway, automotive, and oil & gas industries to name a few. Based in Waco Texas and using the latest technology in tool and work holding to ensure a precise, high quality part, Kormachine utilizes high-end tooling and application resources to keep costs low and turnaround times within customers needs. Understanding and exceeding customer needs is the primary goal of KORMACHINE and verifying part quality and conformity are key factors in this commitment to customer satisfaction


    KORMACHINE has incorporated the latest standards required in both private and government levels. Ongoing employee training and frequent equipment upgrades help keep KORMACHINE current with today’s standards. Please look into the NEWS & PRESS RELEASES below for the latest up-to-date information.